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Buyers Are Already Looking For Realtor Super Heros! Will They Find You?

The Real Estate Market is ever growing and ever changing. It's not just about listing and showing properties. There is a tremendous amount of "other" business activities needed to be successful and stay successful in the Real Estate game. As a Realtor you have so much competition from exisitng veteran Realtors, newly licensed Realtors and technology that is chipping away at your market. We want you to focus on what you do best and partner with us for everything else. We will give you the unfair advantqge and unique tools and services that will not take more of your time but will reduce how much time you spend outside of actually clsoing more deals. We are Realtor Backpack and we will make you a Super Hero Realtor without even breaking a sweat!

We provide 3 main advantages:

1. Vendor partners at tremendous discounts that you can use to close more sellers listings and attract more interested buyers to your properties. You can be the only Real choice for lisitngs in your market and provide a better service and process for both sellers and buyers.

2. We have cutting edge technology that finds buyers and sellers early in the research and decision making process to be their first and only choice when decising on the right Realtor. This is way before most Realtors ever even know of a propsects interest in Real Estate.

3. We provide Mortgage Pre-Qualified buyers meeting your niche criteria ready to buy and put a ironclad offer on the negotiation table. No Cold leads or lists, no dummy information, only real interested prospects that have been verified and educated about the REal Estated lisitng and buying process that is ready Now to get business done.

No other Realtor service combines all of these together or can guarantee results. We have been in the marketing industry and levering technology in the financial services, mortgage and insurance industries. Now we are applying these proven techniques in the Real Estate industry. Due to the unique and unfair advantages we pose in the industry we must only accept certain Realtors into our program. In order not to saturate the market and continue to give our Realtors the competitive edge we offer exclusivity to many of our programs.

If that sounds like the type of partner you are looking for then we encourage you to apply!

Realtor Backpack

We Provide an Unfair Advantage for our Realtor Partners

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We do only 3 things and we do them well!

  • Vendor Partners with Exclusive Discounts

  • Cutting Edge Marketing Services

  • Qualified Buyer Leads within your Ideal Real Estate Niche

"The Real Estate Game Is Changing! The "Same Old Ways" Just Won't Keep Producing The "Same Old Results". If You Want Succeed In This "New Real Estate Era" You Need Realtor Backpack!"-- C. B.- Mortgage Broker