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Fueled by Passion

Fill out our no cost no obligation Application. Our team will review your application to see if we are a good fit to grow together. Not every Realtor we are able to accept and we do provide exclusivity for many of our services. Once your application is submitted a Realtor Backpack specialist will follow up to review your specific Backpack plans.

Our History

The great people at Realtor Backpack have worked with Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance and Financial Services advisers for over 20 years. Through those professionals we have made connections with Appraisers, Inspectors, Contractors, Photographers and Marketing experts and many others along the way.

In discussing the needs of many top Realtors we found many were experiencing similar hurdles in their market and the solutions were very one sided, very expensive and often designed without the best interest of the Realtor in mind.

Realtor Backpack aimed to change the whole dynamic and will ultimately change the industry. The way you currently face a Real Estate transaction can be better. We look forward to seeing you join the journey to a better way to do Real Estate.